Haleyville Middle School




Mornings are hectic!
Let us help by
fixing breakfast
for your student.
Breakfast is served 7:25-7:50 daily.
Click the Cafeteria button above
for the monthly menu.
Breakfast Meal Prices
Full Paid Student - $1.25 ($6.25 weekly/$22.50 monthly)
Reduced Student - .30¢ ($1.50 weekly/$5.40 monthly)
Free Student- Free (if elgible for free lunch)
Faculty - $1.50
Adult Visitor - $2
Child Visitor - $1.50



Policy Changes

1.  All outside lunches must be brought to school in a brown, white, or clear paper bag or lunch box.  All drinks need to be in a thermos bottle or unmarked container.

2.  All skirts 2 inches above the knee can be worn with out stockings.  All skirts 4 inches above the knee must have stockings under the skirt.

3.  All Leo's dresses must be approved by Mrs. Arnold before the student can compete in the Leo's Beauty Pageant.  You may bring a picture of your dress on your cell phone to show her.  No dresses that show mid-driff or are cut high up the leg will be allowed in the pageant.



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